Thursday, May 20, 2010

On Being "Born Again"

It seems to me that the term "born again" is often used scornfully to subtly question the mental state of those who embrace the designation by implying their religious beliefs lie outside of the mainstream. I've seen this intellectual disdain in atheists, agnostics, and even many Christians, and admit that I've shared this bias. As a result, I feel compelled to come to the defense of the "Born Agains".

While I don't believe a dramatic spiritual "rebirth" is a necessary precondition of Christianity or spirituality, I do believe that those who have come to recognize they can no longer control part or all of their lives, and surrender themselves to a higher power, experience something that can best be described as a new birth. Embracing this rebirth is not merely moralistic posturing; it is a necessary condition for them to better serve their God, their families, and their fellow man. Indeed, for many, it may be necessary for their very survival. In servitude to a higher power, they finally find freedom.

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